You enter

with great enthusiasm in relations with your loved one, looking for how to please him, take care of difficulties and conflicts, but in response you get tolerance and indifference, in the worst – neglect and depreciation. How to get out of a trap of one -sided love? Explains the psychologist Jill Weber.

A connection in which we do not feel reciprocity can entail the dramatic consequences for our spiritual and even physical health. Entering such an alliance, we cannot feel in emotional security. We work tirelessly to make our relationship as they may never be.

This conflict leads to stress, and stress hormones “excite” the body, causing side effects: anxiety, sleep problems, increased excitability and irritability. One -way relations require huge costs – and yet often last much longer than it would cost.

Think about your love connection: she is mutual? If not, start overcoming the prevailing pattern, making the analytical work described below.

20 signs that your relationship is one -sided

1. In them you never feel safe.

2. You always puzzle over the true motives of the partner’s behavior.

3. You constantly feel that you are missing something.

4. After communicating with a partner, you feel devastated and exhausted.

5. You are trying to develop relationships, make them deeper, but to no avail.

6. You do not share your true feelings with your partner.

7. All work to maintain a relationship you perform you.

8. You feel that you have already invested so much in these relationships that you simply cannot leave.