Our Product

Are you tired of the status quo in governance, risk, and compliance?


The fragmented landscape, characterised by disjointed tools and siloed activities, is far from ideal.

In today’s complex regulatory environment, such a scattered approach is not only inefficient but also unsustainable. It leads to gaps in compliance, overlooked risks, and a drain on resources.


That’s where the REG-1 Ecosystem stands apart. What makes REG-1 truly unique is its holistic approach to GRC. It’s not just another tool; it’s a comprehensive solution that consolidates all aspects of governance, risk, and compliance into a unified, streamlined system. By bringing everything together, REG-1 transforms the way organisations manage their GRC activities. This integrated ecosystem ensures that all components of GRC are interconnected, promoting seamless communication and collaboration across departments. With REG-1, you can bid farewell to the frustrations of dealing with multiple, disjointed tools. Instead, experience the power of a unified platform that offers real-time insights, predictive risk management, and a cohesive compliance strategy.


REG-1 is comprised of SIX modules. These modules make up the REG-1 EcoSystem.  They house the functionality to support firms across governance, risk and compliance responsibilities.


Each module can work independently, for those that want to focus on a specific area.  However we expect ALL users will realise the value proposition and evolve into embracing the entire ecosystem we’ve created.