AI Powered. REGTECH Ecosystem.

An AI-Powered ‘Full-Stack’ Platform set to revolutionise the compliance industry. Offering Compliance as a Service (CaaS) amongst many other tools to allow firms be fully compliant.



In an era where compliance demands are increasingly complex, REG-1 emerges as a game-changer, challenging the fragmented status quo. REG-1, powered by cutting-edge AI, is engineered to disrupt the traditional approach to managing compliance and risk.

About Us

Introducing REG-1: Transforming Compliance for the Modern Age.

At REG-1, we believe in revolutionising compliance for the 21st century. Our cutting-edge RegTech platform seamlessly integrates all three lines of defence into a single, real-time risk management solution that empowers organisations to stay ahead in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Disrupt The Fragmented Status Quo 

Why settle for multiple, disjointed platforms for risk management, policy management, running audits, and a multitude of tools for horizon scanning?

REG-1 consolidates these critical functions into a single, cohesive framework. This integration eliminates the inefficiencies and gaps inherent in using separate platforms, providing a streamlined, comprehensive solution.  REG-1’s unique proposition extends to specialised compliance areas as well. 


With REG-1, there’s no longer a need to juggle different systems for Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Sanctions Screening, Data Privacy, Governance, Conduct Risk, Regulatory Oversight and much more. It brings all these elements under one roof, offering an unparalleled, unified approach to compliance management.


Welcome to the new benchmark in managing risk and compliance. REG-1 is the RegTech EcoSystem that you need.

A Strategic Partner 

REG-1 is not just a tool; it’s a strategic partner in navigating the labyrinth of compliance and regulatory requirements. It empowers organszations to stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that compliance is a driving force for business growth rather than a bottleneck. By simplifying and strengthening the processes, REG-1 positions your organisation to tackle present and future regulatory challenges with confidence and agility.


Our Mission

Is to enhance the regulatory function and optimise compliance performance for businesses. By unifying front-line transactional data and regulatory obligations in a centralised platform, REG-1 generates a comprehensive dashboard that offers a holistic view of an organisation’s health. This empowers firms to effectively monitor and fulfil their key obligations, ensuring they remain compliant and agile in the face of a rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Why Us

With REG-1, organisations gain a competitive advantage...

By embracing innovation and leveraging the power of technology, REG-1 is committed to driving excellence in regulatory compliance, enabling organisations to focus on their core operations and achieve sustainable growth. Join us on our mission to transform compliance management for the modern era.

Streamlined compliance processes

Our intelligent platform automates routine tasks and reduces the complexity associated with regulatory compliance, saving time and resources.

Enhanced risk mitigation

By providing real-time visibility into an organisation's risk profile, REG-1 enables businesses to proactively identify and address potential issues, minimising regulatory breaches and their associated costs.

Improved decision-making

Armed with actionable insights from our comprehensive compliance dashboard, organisations can make informed decisions and strategically allocate resources to areas that require the most attention.

Scalable solutions

As regulations continue to evolve, REG-1's flexible and adaptable platform ensures that businesses can effortlessly stay up-to-date with the latest compliance requirements, regardless of their size or industry.

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Intelligent Reporting

Real time organisational compliance monitoring.

Compliance Dashboard

Overview of key firm risk indicators.

Smart Policies

Making policy management dynamic.

Risk Assessments

Strategically navigate legal terrain - Assess every risk.

File Audits

Conduct file and transactional level audits.

Firm Wide Audits

Conduct firm wide audits across AML, Sanctions, Conduct Risk, Data Privacy and more.

Horizon Scanning

Access to new regulatory changes, fines and penalties and much more.

Regulatory Library

Have access to a comprehensive regulatory library showing regulatory text and the corresponding obligations.

Obligations Register

Track all your firm’s regulatory obligations and monitor compliance levels in real time.


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